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Scholarship Information

2022 Scholarship Info:

As we have done for the past thirty-five years, the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver, Colorado will be awarding scholarships to college students who are studying Italian language, culture, history or music in institutions in the Denver metropolitan area and in northeastern Colorado.  These scholarships are to be used in approved study-abroad programs in Italy.

Applications are now available on-line at our website, www.dantealighieriofdenver.com where they can be filled and submitted electronically. Completed applications, along with all supporting documentation, must be received no later than April 2, 2022 to be considered for grants.

Applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee and winners will be notified on Saturday April 16, 2022.  The values of the scholarships depend upon the number and the quality of the applicants.  Grants will be awarded to the winners on May 1, 2022 at the Society’s annual Scholarship Luncheon.


Pamela P. Marcantonio
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
Dante Alighieri Society of Denver


303-817-2626 (C)

2021 Scholarships were awarded

by the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver


The Board of Directors of the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver wishes to thank the following individuals who generously contributed to the 2020 Scholarships as of April 30, 2020.

Joseph Adducci

James & Irmhild Aurand

Scott Aurand & Rosanna Patrona-Aurand

Dolores Bammerlin

Sally Brant

Nicholas & Mary Brown

Vera Buffaloe

Dale Coski & Alice Fritz

Daniel & Barbara DiSalle

Gregory & Suzanne Fasing

Anna Maria Ferrari

Robert Gaspar

Dr. John & Erin Giardino

Veronica Goodrich

Jeanne Hadji

Lee & Valerie Haines

James & Suzann Hermanski

Rhonda Hopkins

Jeffrey Jensen & Cynthia Wolls

Michael & Marcy Kennelly

Teri Kimball

Patty Korb

Dennis & Jane Kreischer

Kroger-King Soopers

Gretchen Mann

Camilla Marcantonio

Gianfranco & Pamela Marcantonio

Carol Marsala

Sharla Marshall

Kathy Miller

John & Helen Modlich

Mary Modlich

Steve & Char Modlich

Theresa Modlich

Gloria Patrona

Lisa Prassak

Frankie Reeves

Rendevous Restaurant

Mary Rome

Dr. John E. & Ami Sadler

Bonnie Sasso

Ted & Taube Springston

Vincent & Gay Taglialavore

Thomas & Connie Vervoorn

Leonard & Roberta Waldbaum

Steve & Sue Whitener

Victoria Winterscheidt



To these and anyone we may have inadvertently omitted, our sincere thanks for your generous contributions to the Scholarship Fund.

The Dante Board of Directors

2019 Academic and Music Scholarship recipients:

On Sunday May 5, the annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon took place at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. The nearly  forty people in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to interact with our scholarship winners, a breathtaking violin performance from our music scholarship winner and a sumptuous meal. A heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to all who have contributed to the Dante Scholarship Fund.  This most important part of the Society could not continue without your support.

2019 Scholarship Recipients

2019 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS   From left to right: Dr. John Giardino, President of the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver; Ingrid Anderson (CU, violin), music scholarship for Siena; Elizabeth Strickland (CU, piano) music scholarship for Piobbico; Janeth Mancha (DU) academic scholarship for Perugia; Lauren Johnson (DU) academic scholarship for Florence; Melissa Beherer (CU) academic scholarship for Perugia; Katherine Ellis (CU) Giulio Marcantonio Memorial academic scholarship for Perugia; Rosanna Patrona-Aurand, Music Scholarship Chair; Grace Stringfellow (CU, oboe and voice) music scholarship for Siena; Dr. John Sadler, Scholarship Chair


Our scholarship winners for 2018 are the following: Gian Aurand, from Metropolitan State University, received the Giulio Marcantonio memorial scholarship and will be going to the University of Torino. Rebecca Leyva-Hernandez, from  Metropolitan State University, will be studying at The Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute in Florence, Italy. Seth Bixler, from the University of Colorado in Boulder, received the Vincent and Gay Taglialavore scholarship and will attend the Siena International Music Program.  Grazie to chairpersons John Giardino and Rosanna Patrona-Aurand, and the scholarship committee.

Scholarship ceremony 2018

2017 Academic and Music Scholarship recipients:


Pictured Left to right...

Madison Sleyster (CU Boulder), Celeste Landy (CU Boulder, Music), Rosanna Patrona Aurand (Music Chair), Denisse Romero (DU Taglialavore Scholarship)), Melissa Zinanti (Metro), Maisie Karlin (DU), Meghan Dulsky (Giulio Marcantonio Scholarship), President Veronica Goodrich, John Giardino Scholarship Chairman.

2016 Scholarship Winners

2016 Academic and Music Scholarship recipients

Pres. Veronica Goodrich, Scholarship Committee Chair Dr. John Giardino, Josephine Carochi (Metropolitan State Univ. of Denver), Ansel Rothstein-Dowden (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder), Jade Espina (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder), Scholarship Committee Accompanist Rosanna Patrona-Aurand, Kayla Nanto (Univ. of Northern Colorado), Preston Adams (Univ. of Northern Colorado)

2016 Vince and Gay Taglialavore Scholarship recipient
Vince and Gay Taglialavore with Ansel Rothstein-Dowden


2016 Giulio Marcantonio Scholarship recipient

Camilla Marcantonio with Josephine Carochi


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