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The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver

I love (heart design) Italy


Join us to learn
the language
celebrate the culture
savor the food

Interesting places in Italy, Cinque Terre coastal view

2019-2020 Board of Officers

Dante Denver Officers 2019OFFICERS

President: Dr. John Giardino
Vice President: Dr. Nicolas Napoli
Recording Secretary: Vera Buffaloe
Treasurer: Carol Marsala
Past President: Veronica Goodrich


Education: Suzanne Fasing
Historian/Library: Gianfranco Marcantonio
Membership: Rhonda Hopkins
Scholarship: John Giardino



2015-2018 Veronica Goodrich
2013-2014: Susan Gurule
2011-2012: Carol Marsala
2009-2010: Veronica Goodrich
2008: Lee Ricciardi
2006-2007: Gianfranco Marcantonio
2004-2005: Corine O’Donnell
2002-2003: Robert Tinucci
2000-2001: Henry Coppolillo
1998-1999: Jim Scalmanini
1996-1997: Gianfranco Marcantonio
1994-1995: Veronica Goodrich
1992-1993: Frank Yantorno
1990-1991: Gianfranco Marcantonio

Giulio Marcantonio, Founder of Dante Denver

Giulio Marcantonio

1985-1989: Giulio Marcantonio

Giulio Marcantonio
Founder & First President


Giulio Marcantonio, Veronica Goodrich, Richard Appuglise, Gianfranco Marcantonio, Enrico De Nicola,
Caterina Noya De Palma, Salvatore Di Camillo, Zoraide Scordo

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Mailing Address:

Dante Alighieri Society of Denver
3510 Broadlands Lane, #102,
Broomfield, CO 80023


Mount Carmel Parish Hall
3549 Navajo Street
Denver, CO

Dante Alighieri Society Denver, CO

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