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Dante Denver shares interest in Italy's historic landmarks

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OCTOBER Italian Heritage Month:


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Dante Alighieri Italian Heritage Month Sept 2019

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Details of events from October 20 through 26 will be in the September and October Notiziario


MOLISE PRESENTATION   Our member Dave Puzo is scheduled to give a presentation on the region of Molise on Friday, September 13. He returned recently from Italy and toured the region while snapping over one thousand pictures.  He would like to include photos of many “home/root” towns of members.  He is requesting that members with Molise ties contact Dave with names of cities and/or towns your family is from.  He will make sure to include those places in his presentation.  You may call 303-776-6526, or email

Sept 2019 Notiziario

SEPTEMBER CULTURAL MEETING The meeting will be held Friday, September 13, 7:30 p.m. at…

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Aug 2019 Notiziario

August 2019 Notiziario FAMILY OUTING WITH BOCCE The potluck and bocce will be held…

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July 2019 Notiziario

EXHIBIT FOR DANTE MEMBERS Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius. Inventor, artist, scientist,…

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