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Dante Denver shares interest in Italy's historic landmarks

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Applications for our Dante Alighieri Academic and Music Scholarships are now available online at the Dante website,

Colleges and universities have been notified of this opportunity for those students who are hoping to participate in study-abroad programs in Italy.

The application deadline is April 4, 2020, giving the Scholarship Committee ample time to determine scholarship winners prior to the May 3, 2020, Scholarship Awards Luncheon at the Arvada Center – save the date now.


The Strange Career of Dueling in Italy,

Presented by Prof. Stephen C. Hughes on Friday, January 10, 7:30 p.m., Mount Carmel Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo Street, Denver.

We’ve all seen the scene in the movies – two gentlemen stand back to back holding their weapons, count out the appropriate number of paces, turn and face each other and determine who wins the duel. Did you ever think dueling was a career practiced by Italy’s elite?

Join us at our January cultural meeting to learn more.

Curious about Dante Alighieri?

Why You Should Read Dante

You haven’t read Dante yet? Then you should definitely do it right now. Maybe you are scared of a work entirely written in  verses, a work originating from a time far, far away that seems to have no connection to our world today. But that’s not true – well, of course it is written in verses.

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