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PRESIDENT REPORT   Even without looking at the calendar or the thermometer, you know that summer is definitely here! People are out en masse enjoying a long-awaited reprieve from a masked, separated existence as the worst of the pandemic appears to be behind us. With our scholarship/awards luncheon in May to the movie night in June, the Dante Society has returned to in-person events. And we are planning on more cultural, social events in the next several months.  July 25 is the return of our annual picnic, a cooking class is scheduled for August 14, a cultural presentation in September, Italian Heritage Month celebration in October, another cultural program in November and our annual Christmas party in December. We’re back in business and excited to be together with our members. As in the past, I urge everyone who has not had the COVID-19 vaccine, please take advantage and help insure we’ll all be safe as we begin to gather together again. Please contact me with questions, suggestions or concerns.  Grazie e ciao. John Giardino  johncgiardino@comcast.net 303-378-9736.



After several years off from the summer picnic event for Dante Alighieri Society members and families, we are resuming this get-together on Sunday, July 25, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Oakhurst Park in Westminster.   The Park is located at 9311 Lark Bunting Drive; turn west off of Wadsworth on 94th and continue until you reach Lark Bunting Drive; turn left and continue until you arrive at the park on your right.  Rhonda Hopkins has kindly agreed to be the Chairperson for the picnic; there is no cost to members and their families but reservations are required and should be made by calling or emailing Rhonda as shown below.

The Society will provide hamburgers, sausages, and hotdogs as well as beer, wine, soft drinks and water.  Plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware will also be provided.  Attending families are asked to bring the following:  salad or side dish (last names beginning A-L) or dessert (last names beginning M-Z) and utensils for these dishes if needed.

There will be games and activities in the park’s playground. We will have bocce, cornhole, croquet and Battlechip, which is a game where mini golf meets cornhole.  All games are easy to learn and fun for adults and kids of all skill levels. There is a backstop for kickball and a sand volleyball court, but please bring equipment for other games you wish to play.  We are looking forward to seeing you all there, so please make your reservations before July 23 with Rhonda Hopkins at rhop626@gmail.com or 720-596-4169.



The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver gives a warm welcome to the following new members:  Theresa Ferguson, Becky Flex, Carol Golemboski, Linda Johnson, Rose and John Kalinauskas, Jillian and Mike Roberg, Connie Schafer, and Rob Schwartz.


The Society’s ten-week summer session of Italian language classes is currently underway on Zoom.  The fall session of Italian language classes will begin the week of September 20, 2021. The schedule for fall classes will be posted on the Dante Alighieri website by August 13, and the schedule will state whether fall classes will be in person or on Zoom.  The registration deadline for the fall session is September 13.  Classes are taught by experienced and talented bi-lingual teachers, and include beginner, intermediate, advanced, and conversation classes.  Each class meets for 90 minutes, once a week.  If the Society resumes in person classes, they will meet at 3549 Navajo Street, Denver, in the parish office of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.  Cost is $115 for members and $145 for non-members.  New members are welcome to join the Dante Alighieri Society when they register for classes.  Please register early because classes do fill up.  For more information, please contact the Education Chair Suzanne Fasing at suzannefasing@yahoo.com .   To register for classes, visit the web site:


birthday cake

We want to include more members in this column, so please send a quick email, with your birthday month and day, to Dante Society board member, Suzanne Fasing,  at suzannefasing@yahoo.com      Grazie!



We wish our members a Buon Compleanno during their birthday month.

Steven Berry                               July 4
Peggy Battalora                         July 5
Mike Roberg                               July 6
Mark Romano                            July 6
Frank W. Giardino                     July 17
Silvio Cipro                                July 25
Tonya Clement                          July 25
Matthew Wolchak                       July 28

Mese del cuore

A Luglio I cuori scottano

In tutte le persone;

sui campi d’oro ondeggiano

le messi al solleone.

Month of the heart

In July hearts are warm

in all people;

the golden fields of wheat

wave in summer heat.


INDOVINELLO: (Riddle)     Answer on last page.

Mi lascio bruciare per non rivelare I segreti.    I allow myself to burn to hide secrets.


The Dante Alighieri Society is taking a proactive and optimistic approach to Italian Heritage Month. The board is hopeful that we will be able to hold face-to-face events in October and is beginning to think about activities to be held. Toward that end, the board is seeking volunteers to serve on the Italian Heritage Month Committee (IHMC). Activities that are being considered are a gelato social, a night at the opera, a cooking class, a workshop on Dante Alighieri, an art exhibit (fundraiser), a wine tasting, Italian bingo and much more. Although the organization can’t hold all of these activities; we are fortunate that there are five Fridays and five Saturdays in October 2021, so it opens up more dates in which our members and guests can enjoy the celebration. If you are interested in serving on the IHMC please call Susan Gurule at 720-484-1014 or email her at susangurule@msn.com


We are currently looking for someone who does face painting or knows someone who does for an activity to be held in October during Italian Heritage Month.  Please contact Susan Gurule with any suggestions.  720-484-1014 or susangururle@msn.com


by Tonya Clement

Bene or buono? That is the question. 

Please be patient with me as I study hard and strive to share my Italian language tips.  With most of our members being fluent in Italian, this can be a stressful exercise. My tips are really directed to the new members who have joined the Dante Alighieri Society in search of improving their Italian communication skills.

With any luck as I continue taking courses and studying, you will see my tips become more appropriate for a wider and more advanced audience.  Right now, I have just completed BASIC 2 and I am sure my instructor, Jim Brunetti will tell you “io non parlo tanto bene  italiano.  Since I believe the teacher always learns more than the student, I am enjoying this process.  Any tips that I share are a direct reflection of the times I have stumbled when trying to speak or understand the Italian language.

You may never hear me say this again, but the simplest way to remember which word is most appropriate is to think what is most appropriate in English (this rarely works).  Start with the literal translations: bene means “well” and buono means “good.”  You would not say, I read a well book.  You would say I read a good book.  In this case buono is the adjective describing the book.  When asked how you are feeling today, It is most appropriate to say I am well vs. I am good.  Bene is the adverb describing the action of how I am feeling.

Simple right?  Not so fast, this is Italian and nothing is easy or simple when it comes to the Italian language.  It is my understanding that buono is not to be used for artistic value….in the case of a good performance,  you would not shout buono!  You would shout bravo!  For most of us that is not a far stretch as we grew up saying bravo at the end of musical performances.


Before I conclude this tip, I must remind us that the appearance of the Italian adjective must match the gender and the quantity of thing it is describing.   It looks like this: un panino buono, una pizza buona, due panini buoni and due pizze buone.  When you think you have it all figured out, the Italians will throw you a curve ball by placing the adjective in the front of the noun like buona sera…we do not hear them say sera buona.  If that does not make you strike out, they will also drop the ending vowel and give you buon viaggio, buon appetito or buon compleano.  And for the final test, you will see an apostrophe placed right before a feminine word such as in the expression buon’idea!

YEARNING TO SEE AN OPERA OR A LIVE CONCERT?  There are three upcoming events that the Dante Alighieri Society thought might be of interest to its members.

  • Rigoletto presented by the Central City Opera at Hudson Gardens in July. Several dates and times are available. Tickets can be purchased through the Central City Opera website: https://centralcityopera.org
  • Carousel with Central City Opera - July 3 - August 1, 2021, in which our two-time scholarship winner, Jennifer DeDomenici will be playing Carrie Pipperidge!  So many opportunities for art and for human connection thanks to Central City Oper
  • Andrea Bocelli with the Colorado Symphony on October 31st at 8:00 p.m. at the Ball Arena. Tickets can be purchased through the Colorado Symphony website: https://coloradosymphony.org

Please note:  This is for your information only and are not events that are being coordinated by the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver. If you are interested in obtaining tickets, please go directly to the Central City Opera and/or Colorado Symphony websites.


A village under water for decades is now emerging from an Italian lake. 

A village submerged beneath an Italian lake for decades, like a real-life Atlantis, is now peeking above the water's surface, BBC News reports.  What is now a lake bed used to be the village of Curon, once home to hundreds of people. Curon was flooded in 1950 to create a hydroelectric plant. A dam was built to merge two lakes, and the village has been covered by the Lake Resia ever since, according to BBC News.

Stolen Roman frescoes returned to Pompeii after investigation.

Six frescoes stolen from ancient villas in Pompeii, the world-famous Roman city destroyed by a violent volcanic eruption in 79 CE, were returned to the archeological park by Italy's Carabinieri police.  The frescoes are believed to have been stolen from ancient Roman houses in Pompeii and Stabia, another site a few kilometers from Pompeii, as far back as the 1970s.  (CGTN Giulia Carbonaro)


Cable car plunges, killing at least 14.  A cable car taking visitors to a mountaintop view of some of northern Italy’s most picturesque lakes plummeted to the ground and then tumbled down the slope, killing 14 people.

The lone survivor, a young child, was hospitalized in serious condition with broken bones. (The Denver Post)

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