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Are you planning a trip to Italy, or just dreaming about one?  Do you enjoy Italian films or the opera?  If so, you can learn to speak Italian, “la bella lingua.”

The Dante Alighieri Society offers high quality instruction in the Italian language for adults, including classes at the beginner, intermediate, advanced and conversational levels.  Language classes are taught by experienced, professional, bi-lingual teachers.  Classes are offered in ten-week sessions during the winter, spring, summer and fall.  For more information, about the language classes, please click here.



Learn the art of Italian cooking, “la cucina Italiana,” including antipasti, first courses of pasta, second courses of meat or fish, insalate, and dolci.   The Dante Alighieri Society offers Italian cooking classes led by professional chefs and accomplished cooks.  Class participants have learned how to prepare holiday specialties that are traditional in Italy, and regional delicacies.  After preparing these delicious foods, you will then experience the Italian art of eating.  For more information about the cooking classes, please click here.

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