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The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver has an extensive lending library of
Italian-language movies, information for travelers, and the foods and customs
of Italy in DVD and VHS formats. We also have audio cassettes to learn Italian.

 In order to reserve titles, please call our Librarian/Historian:

Gianfranco Marcantonio, at 303 494-3080 or glm3942@yahoo.com,
or President Veronica Goodrich at 303-421-1547 or goodveron@comcast.net





February 22, 2015
Dear Members,
Attached you will find a list of audio and video materials that belong to the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver. The Society encourages its members to borrow the items from our library strictly for their enjoyment at home. The loaning system applies only to the titles on the attached list and future additions. The Society has had the material for some time and thus the reason for so many VHS tapes. Future additions will be only in the form of DVDs and with English subtitles. The Society asks that members adhere to the following rules and procedures.
~ Grazie ~
  1. Gianfranco Marcantonio has kindly agreed to be the librarian so that members may enjoy the movies in their own home.
    Requests must be made one week ahead as all materials are kept in a storage place.
  2. Requests may be received at the monthly cultural meeting, at a Society event or
    by special arrangement with Gianfranco. Call 303-494-3080 or e-mail glm3942@yahoo.com
  3. Returns should be made promptly


As you see on the Movie List, the Society has many PAL system DVDs (non US) that cannot be played on standard US DVD players.
You may play them in the following manner:
  1. On your PC or Laptop, but no more than three times in a row as your computer will then begin to recognize
    the PAL system and forget the US system. (So I am told). If this were to happen ask a computer person how
    to change it back to the US system.
  2. You may rent the Society's All Region DVD player with a deposit of $100 for a short period of time, as the
    Society may need it for the Friday Night Movies.
  3. Invest in an All Region DVD player for under $100 from a company like Amazon.
  4. You may download the following free software to your computer:
    This software, called VLC Media Player, will then allow you to play literally any Video or Audio File - even Flash, DVDs, VCDs, and CD's.


 Lending library

This is the Word Doc with all the items listed

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