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Professor Suzanne Magnanini of the University of Colorado, Boulder will give a presentation on Dante Alighieri called “Dante on the Big Screen: Four Films Based on the Inferno.” The talk examines the ways in which the illustrations of the Inferno by French artist Gustave Doré influenced early and contemporary films. She will discuss the first feature length film made in Europe (in Italy), Dante’s Inferno (1911); a silent horror film from 1924 called Dante’s Inferno; a melodrama made in Hollywood featuring Spencer Tracy (1935); and a contemporary (2007) animated version of the Inferno. The talk includes both the illustrations by Doré and film clips.

The program will take place on Friday, October 13, at Mount Carmel Parish Hall at 7:30 p.m. 3549 Navajo Street, Denver.

MILLE GRAZIE to Professor Roberta Waldbaum for the interesting historical background she gave the Society prior to the September showing of the movie My Italian Secret. It was indeed informative and much appreciated. We look forward to future programs by such a wonderful speaker.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, in Denver’s Little Italy, was founded in 1894 and has been recognized as an historical site in the Denver area. Finally, the church has now received recognition from Washington and a celebration has been set for the 5th of November. Coincidentally it will also be the 100th anniversary of Saint Mother Cabrini’s death. Bishop Jorge Rodriguez will be celebrating la prima domenica mass scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Reception will follow.


This month the Scholarship Committee is sending out notice of the 2018 Academic and Music Scholarship opportunities to colleges and universities in the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver designated area. This area includes the University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado, Denver University and Metropolitan State University of Denver. Scholarship applications will be made available on-line at our Dante website, http://dantealighieriofdenver.com , in early January 2018. The deadline for completed applications is April 13, 2018 with the annual Scholarship Luncheon being held on May 6, 2018.

We’d like to welcome a new member to the Scholarship Committee, Ida Casagranda. With her past experience on the Scholarship Committee for Il Circolo, she will definitely be an asset to us. Scott Aurand has expressed interest in being on the Committee as well. As a teacher at Golden High School, his availability is limited at the time of year when the Committee is at its busiest. Hopefully he will be able to find it possible to provide input in the decision making.

Thanks again to all who have contributed to the Scholarship Fund. Your generous donations really help in enabling students to expand their studies of the Italian culture.


The Dante Society gives a warm welcome to the following new members: Courtney Frola of Denver, David Gallagher of Denver, Megan Gorman of Denver, Amanda Harness of Denver, Ann McDonald of Lakewood, Maria Montgomery of Denver, Sally Ogden of Lakewood, and Jennifer Santini of Denver.


The Dante Alighieri Society will offer a 10-week winter session of Italian language classes, beginning in January 2018.

The schedule for winter classes will be posted on the Dante Alighieri website by December 1. Students must register for classes through the website. The classes are taught by experienced and talented bi-lingual teachers, and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Each class meets for 90 minutes, once a week, at 3549 Navajo Street, Denver, in the parish offices of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. Cost is $100 for members and $130 for non-members.

New members are welcome to join the Dante Alighieri Society when they register for classes. Please register early because classes do fill up. For more information, please contact the Education Chair Suzanne Fasing at suzannefasing@yahoo.com or call 303-810-9042. To register for classes, visit the web site:

LOCAL CONCERT Italian Guitar Master Beppe Gambetta is back in Colorado for the release tour of his new album “Short Stories”. Saturday September 30, Swallow Hill - Tuft Theater, 71 East Yale Ave., 303-777-1003, Denver, CO, www.swallowhillmusic.org . Solo concert, 8:00 pm.


Getting to know BarbaraGETTING TO KNOW YOU: Barbara Amato

My paternal grandfather arrived in the country in 1900 from Potenza by way of Naples on the SS Patria. He was 12 years old. My grandmother arrived when she was 18; after three attempts to get through Ellis Island she finally made it by posing as her brother’s nurse. She was turned away due to poor eyesight, can you imagine? She was from Palermo, Sicily. Both grandparents got their citizenship, my grandmother being a little older. My maternal Grandmother was born here, in Denver. Both her parents were from Bucita in the region of Calabria. My grandfather was from a small village outside of Enna.

I traveled to Italy in 1995, my childhood and teen dream only to trip over a piece of luggage that was thrown in an aisle on the metro, broke my foot, went to the hospital, got a cast put on and given crutches. All in the first two hours! I spent the next two weeks limping along, literally it was the trip of a lifetime. My second trip was with 2 cousins and 2 friends. It was a driving trip and much fun. We traveled from Rome to Palermo.

I'm a typical Italian American (3rd generation) grandma who is devoted to her family. My grandparents and parents influenced my life as all were honest, hardworking, and fair. That is how I try to live and teach my family. I have 4 grandchildren, 5 thru 27 years old and 1 great granddaughter that is 2 years old. I held several positions at SBA and retired after 15 years. I enjoy the mountains, traveling a little, playing cards with my friends and family.

Dante has been a cultural and social venture for me as was Il Circolo Italiano, which dissolved a couple of years ago. I was membership chair and Italian cookie baker.


news from the italiano colorado consulateThe Honorary Consulate of Italy received the public at the offices of the Italian Institute until August 31st, at the dates/times posted at www.coitalianhc.com. The Honorary Consul kindly thanks Maria Chiacchio for hosting us during this period of transition. Our new offices will be open to the public starting on September 1st, 2017 at the time/dates indicated at www.coitalianhc.com

Il Vice Consolato Onorario ha ricevuto alle date/orari indicati sulla pagina consolare fino al 31 agosto, presso la sede dell’Italian Institute. Il Vice Consolato Onorario ringrazia Maria Chiacchio per aver ospitato la Vice Console nelle sue ore di ricevimento al pubblico durante questo periodo di transizione. La nuova sede del Vice Consolato Onorario del Colorado sara’ aperta al pubblico a partire dall’1 settembre 2017 agli orari indicati sulla pagina consolare www.coitalianhc.com. (We The Italians)

United celebrates 20 years in Italy, announces year-round New York/Newark-Rome service.

united continues serviceAs United celebrates 20 years of service to Italy, the airline today announced it will be offering customers year-round nonstop service between New York/Newark and Rome. Expanding its current summer seasonal daily schedule, United will now also offer the service from November 2017 through to March 2018 – operating between three times a week and daily.

The airline will continue to operate its seasonal service to Rome during the summer months from its hubs at Chicago O’Hare, New York/Newark Liberty and Washington D.C./Dulles International Airport. The increase in service marks a milestone year for United Airlines in Italy. Since beginning service there in 1997, United has connected more than 7.6 million customers on nearly 42,000 flights between the US and Italy.

This year, United also celebrates 20 years of service to Milan from New York/Newark and a decade of service to Rome from its hub at Washington Dulles. United also offers nonstop seasonal service to Venice from New York/Newark. (We The Italians)


How Sicilian oranges are being made into clothes.From fashion to energy - the rind and seeds of Sicily's most famous citrus fruit, the humble orange, are being used in a range of greener, healthier business initiatives.

In 2011, Adriana Santonocito was a design student in Milan when she first had the idea of making sustainable textiles from what was naturally abundant, and widely wasted, in her native Sicilian city of Catania. Her challenge was to find a way for the rinds of hundreds of thousands of tons of oranges to be put to good use. Now, thanks to her creative thinking, it is possible to make whole items of clothing using fiber that originated from the fruit.

Chemical process Ms Santonocito's concept was inspired by a question posed in her university dissertation. Could a luxurious silk foulard be made from citrus by-products, that would otherwise be thrown away or fed to cattle? The question was particularly relevant in Sicily, where many thousands of tons of citrus fruit are juiced every year, leaving massive amounts of waste. The 39-year-old found her answer in the university's labs, and it earned her a patent. It was already known that cellulose could be extracted from orange rinds. But Ms Santonocito discovered that, using chemical reagents, it could then be turned into yarn, which could be dyed and blended with other textiles, such as cotton or polyester.

Orange fiberTogether with her university colleague Enrica Arena, she founded Orange Fiber in 2014, and set about selling the silk-like material to clothes-makers. This year, the famous Italian fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo used it in its spring-summer collection. The aim was to make its high-end shirts, dresses and foulards more sustainable. Orange Fiber, which now has a team of 12 people, operates from a local juice-processing plant, where it gets its waste material for free.

The business is partially seasonal, operating during the months of the year when the juice-maker works. But once the orange rind has been transformed into cellulose, it can be put in storage for use later. Antonio Perdichizzi, an early investor in Orange Fiber, says the firm stood out to him because, unlike most innovative start-ups in Italy, it isn’t digital.

“Italy doesn’t invest much in innovation, but brilliant ideas and skills win despite a lack of resources,” he adds. Rosario Faraci, a professor of business, economics and management at the University of Catania, says the firm is an example of how “creativity and entrepreneurial spirit” is creating new jobs and businesses in the region. (By Francesca Marchese Business reporter, Sicily).


Arezzo back in time - reenactorsla citta’ diventa un libro di storia interattivo. Dopo l’enorme successo della prima edizione che ha portato nella città toscana più di 100.000 persone in tre giorni, Arezzo Back in Time torna in questo 2017 arricchendo il format vincente di molte novità, soprattutto legate all’offerta culturale e didattica che si amplia grazie alla collaborazione con la Fraternita’ dei Laici, il Polo Museale Toscano e molte altre associazioni culturali di Arezzo. La manifestazione diventa così un vero e proprio “libro di storia interattivo”, un evento di edutainment ovvero esperienza educativa divertente e coinvolgente. Un piccolo esercito di figuranti e reenactors, per 3 giorni consecutivi, 24 ore su 24, permetteranno ad Arezzo di rivivere il suo passato in un singolare percorso che interessa simultaneamente tre diverse aree cittadine ciascuna legata alla storia della città.

Un festival dei festival, dove ricostruzioni puntuali si coniugano al divertimento: grandi e piccini potranno così immergersi nei suoni e nei sapori dell’evo antico del “Ludus Mecenati” (Anfiteatro Romano), passando attraverso il Medioevo del “Castrum Tarlati” (Fortezza) per giungere al Rinascimento di Piazza Vasari. Dalla vita degli accampamenti militari a quella quotidianal pubblico potrà essere direttamente protagonista di giostre, tornei, spettacoli di giullaria. In tutte le tre aree storiche, I reenactors popoleranno realmente il campo, dormendo e mangiando in tenda così da ricostruire il vivere quotidiano di quell’epoca. In ciascuna cittadella tematica saranno messi in scena very e propri spettacoli, mentre negli stessi spazi durante l’intera durata della manifestazione sarà possibile svolgere curiose e singolari attività didattiche. Cortei con esibizioni di musici e sbandieratori si muoveranno fra le bancarelle di artigiani e commercianti in costume, a popolare “Le vie della storia”, collegando le diverse aree tematiche. E nei tre giorni della manifestazione anche I ristoranti del centro offriranno un particolare menu’ legato ai temi di Arezzo Back in Time. Arezzo Back in Time è un evento del Comune di Arezzo. (ItalPlanet)


good newsThe agreement between the Vatican and the Dante has been renewed once again for the year 2017. It allows us to visit the museums at a lower price and get in front of the long lines simply by presenting the Dante Society membership card. The cost to visit the Museums is 16 euros per person, and 1 euro if you decide to purchase the Art and Faith DVD on the Treasures of the Vatican. The Dante membership card may be obtained by contacting Rhonda Hopkins at 720-596-4169, rhop626@gmail.com, or Gianfranco Marcantonio at 303-494-3080 glm3942@yahoo.com .
For additional privileges for Dante members while in Italy, please visit the following site: http://ladante.it/diventa-socio/le-convenzioni.


2017 Calendar

Cultural Meetings

October 13
November 10



Language – Fall began September 18
Winter Language classes begin in Jan. 2018

NOTE: Cultural meetings, movies, and cooking classes take place at Mt. Carmel Church Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo St., Denver.

Language classes are taught at Mt. Carmel Church Office.