Notiziario June 2019

Dante Alighierio of Denver Notiziario

June 2019


The Society will be showing the box office record-breaking Italian movie Quo vado? (Where am I going?) directed by Gennaro Nunziante and featuring Checco Zalone.

A comedy that captures Italians’ love for il posto fisso – a job for life – has become an unlikely blockbuster hit in Italy.  The success of Quo Vado? reflects a relatively recent change in Italy: the cushy public sector jobs promising steady income and great benefits that were a staple of the country’s economic engine are now considered a thing of the past. In their place has come high unemployment – which, while improving, is still at 11.3% – and job insecurity, which has hit young workers particularly hard.

As always, the presentation will take place at 7:30 pm, at Mt. Carmel Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo St., Denver.


EXHIBIT FOR DANTE MEMBERS   Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius.

Inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor, philosopher. Although Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, his influence has endured. His extraordinary legacy comes to life in Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius, the most comprehensive exhibition about Leonardo ever presented is currently at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver is accepting reservations for a group tour of the DaVinci exhibit. The tour will be at 2 p.m. Friday July 26.

Cost of the exhibit is $23.25 per person for seniors (65+) and $24.25 per person for adults (under age 65). Reservations and checks for the exhibit payable to Dante Society can be sent to Veronica Goodrich, 6433 Brentwood St., Arvada 80004 and must be received prior to July 12.


Individuals who are already members of the Museum would pay only $6.95 for seniors and $7.95 for adults and should purchase their tickets separately for the same date and time as the group visit. More information will be forth coming in the next issue of the Notiziario.


Gisella Isidori, a longtime friend of the Dante society of Denver, will again be in Denver in June, 2019.  She invites us to make different types of pizza, traditional and international, and antipasti, summer salad and dolce.

We have reserved the kitchen at the Mount Carmel Parish Hall Saturday for June 15th starting at 9am with lunch served at noon.  If interested in attending, you may register by emailing Rhonda Hopkins at   or calling her at: 720-596-4169.

As there is only space for 12 participants, please sign up early. Preference will be given to members with non-members put on a waitlist.

Fee is $45 for Dante members, non-members is $50 payable by check made out to: Dante Alighieri Society of Denver and mailed to Rhonda Hopkins, 13738 W. 62nd Drive, Arvada, CO 80004.  Grazie.

scholarship winners 20192019 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS

Our Society is proud to once again award scholarships to deserving students from the area going to study in Italy.  We awarded four Academic Scholarships:

The Giulio Marcantonio Memorial Scholarship to Katherine Ellis from CU to study in Perugia, Melissa Behrer from CU going to Perugia, Lauren Johnson from DU going to Florence, Janeth Mancha from DU and going to Perugia.

Three music scholarships were presented to outstanding candidates:

Grace Stringfellow (oboe and voice) from CU and going to Siena, Ingrid Anderson (violin) from CU going to Siena as well, and Elizabeth Strickland (piano) from CU going to Piobbico.

Congratulations to the winners, to Chairman Dr.John Sadler and his committee for the challenging job of choosing the gifted recipients, and our members for participating in this honorable cause.


The Dante Alighieri Society accomplishes its mission of preserving and promoting the Italian culture primarily through three vehicles – cultural meetings, language classes and scholarships. Over the years I’ve attended countless cultural meetings and served as scholarship chair for the past ten years. But, other than a six-week course on Italian for travelers some 10-12 years ago, I haven’t had much connection to our language classes.

When I took over as Dante’s president, I vowed that I would rectify that situation. So, in May I visited each of the classes being taught by our excellent instructors Jim Brunetti and Britta Jensen. It was inspiring to see how many people are interested in learning the Italian language for personal or travel reasons, or both. At the beginning of each of the classes I talked to the students about the other two aspects of Dante - cultural meetings and scholarships. I encouraged them to attend our cultural meetings to learn more about the country whose language they are attempting to learn. Hopefully many of them will take advantage of the opportunity. I look forward to continuing this practice with each new session.

By the way, I found that I should probably sign up for another class or two to improve my own Italian! Please enjoy this issue of the Notiziario and check out all our upcoming events.  Grazie e ciao, John Giardino.


The Dante Society of Denver thanks all members who have already replied to the survey sent in the middle of the month of May. The questionnaire is intended to increase activities attendance by part of you, our members.  If you have not done so already, please participate by  providing your interest in this effort to improve our Society.  Grazie.


Yeah, I know it isn't until October, but the Dante Alighieri Society is gearing up to celebrate Italian Heritage month in a big way. And we need your help.​

​Italians began migrating to the United States, many to Colorado, in the 1880's and have left their mark every step of the way. In fact, it was Amerigo Vespucci, who gave his name to the New World, America. Help us put together an assortment of events and activities, both educational and fun, to highlight the many facets of the Italian culture. Please contact Susan Gurule at 720-484-1014 or to participate in orchestrating these activities or to offer your suggestions of aspects of the Italian heritage you believe should be included. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wayne, April Speaker at Dante


Grazie infinite to Professor Wayne Ambler from the University of Colorado in Boulder who gave us a most informative background to the unification of Italy in 1861 by presenting “The Disunited Unification of Italy”.  He began by discussing Italy as it was before unification and then pointed out the main disagreements among those who did the most to bring about the new nation. These disagreements remain important today, for they bear some responsibility for divisions that still exist in Italian politics.


Beginner Level Italian Classes

Beginner 1.  Thursdays, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, beginning June 20, 2019 through September 5, 2019 (no class on July 4 and 18) (Brunetti).  In this class students with little or no knowledge of Italian will learn to communicate in simple everyday situations. Students will study the basic building blocks of the Italian language, including the alphabet, rules of pronunciation, basic syntax, and grammatical structures. Topics include subject pronouns, definite and indefinite articles, regular verbs in the present tense, and noun-adjective agreement.
Required Text: 
The Italian Project 1a.

Beginner 2.  Mondays, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, beginning June 17, 2019 through Sept. 9, 2019 (no class on July 15 & 22, & Sept. 2) (Brunetti). In this class students will build upon their existing knowledge while incorporating new vocabulary and grammatical structures through conversation, role plays, listening, reading and writing activities. Topics include irregular and modal verbs in the present tense, articulated prepositions, and possessive adjectives.
Required Text: The Italian Project 1a.

Beginner 3.  Wednesdays, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, beginning June 19, 2019 through August 28, 2019 (no class on July 17) (DiMaggio).  In this class, students will cover the topics in Units 3 and 4 of the textbook, including past verb tenses, prepositions, telling time, and ordering in a restaurant.
Required Text: The Italian Project 1a.

Beginner 4.  Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:30 pm, beginning June 19, 2019 through August 28, 2019 (no class on July 17) (DiMaggio).  In this class students will build upon their prior studies through role plays, listening, reading and writing activities. Topics include the past and future verb tenses, and train travel.  Required Text:  The Italian Project 1a.

Intermediate 2.  Mondays, 6:00 to 7:30 pm, beginning June 17, 2019 through Sept. 9, 2019 (no class on July 15 & 22 and Sept. 2) (Brunetti).  In this class, students will continue to expand their studies of increasingly complex grammatical structures and vocabulary through listening activities, role plays, readings, education videos and written assignments. Topics include direct object pronouns, reflexive verbs and the impersonal form.   Required Text:  The Italian Project 1b.

Intermediate and Advanced classes will be offered in future sessions.


Conversation 204.  Thursdays, 6:00 to 7:30 pm, beginning June 20, 2019 through September 5, 2019 (no class on July 4 and 18) (Brunetti).  This class will be full immersion. Students will be able to converse, understand, and write on a variety of subjects including but not limited to art and literature. Emphasis will be on becoming “linguistically flexible.”    Required Text: The Italian Project 2

CarolynGETTING TO KNOW YOU:    Carolyn Fabrizio.

  1. What region in Italy were your ancestors from? If you do not have Italian ancestors what is the ethnic background of your family?  Have you ever been there and what was your experience?

I am half Italian and half German.  My Italian ancestors came from Castiglione Di Carovilli in the Molise region.  My German ancestors came from Herzog, Russia, a German settlement near the Volga River.  I have not been to either country.


  1. When did your ancestors arrive in America, and where did they settle originally?  Did they come right to Colorado?

Not sure when my Italian Great Grandparents came to the U.S., but think it was in the early 1870’s and believe they came directly to Colorado.  My German Great Grandparents arrived in the U.S. in 1856 and settled right away in Herzog, Kansas (now Victoria, Kansas).

  1. If you had to describe yourself in one-word, what word would that be, and why?

Thankful.  Because I have been blessed with, and am very proud of, my 3 wonderful daughters, my 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandsons.

  1. Who was most influential to you growing up, and why?

Famiglia, of course!  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  My family, aunts and uncles all lived with my Italian grandparents when I was in grade school, so they all played a large part in my growing up.  I have so many wonderful memories of those days.

  1. Tell us a little about you, employment, family, interests and so on.

I’m fourth generation Coloradoan.  Lived in north Denver (little Italy) during my grade school years.  Attended Bryant-Webster, Skinner Junior High and North High.  I now live in Lakewood.  Went to CSU for a year, got married and had 4 beautiful daughters.  Started college again at age 50 at Red Rocks Community College and received 2 degrees in accounting.  Started Metro to get Bachelor’s degree and dropped out when I was hired at Red Rocks Community College in Accounts Receivable department and also put in charge of collections.  I love to read, do genealogy research, embroider and listen to music.  Used to like to golf and bowl, but my body said “you have to stop”!

  1. How would you most like to be remembered?

As a good and caring Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and friend.

  1. What attracted you about joining the Dante Alighieri Society?

My Aunt Dolores Archer and cousin Angie Melaragno used to belong to Dante and my Aunt Dolores was always telling me I should join.  I belonged to Il Circolo at the time and unfortunately when I finally joined Dante, my aunt had gone to heaven.  Wish I had listened to her sooner because I do enjoy the Dante Alighieri Society


Just a reminder to all members – this is an easy way to help the Dante. If you shop at King Sooper and have their reward card, be sure you set up an account with Kings Soopers by going to their Community reward page and register your card number. You then can do a search on the charities listen and click on the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver. Now every time you swipe your card, the Dante will receive credit for your purchase.  It costs you nothing but the Dante gets a charitable contribution after certain goals are met.

If you have questions, or need help enrolling, contact Veronica Goodrich at 303-421-1547 or Carol Marsala at 303-237-0688.  

NEWS FROM ITALY   "Day of Dante" Milan May 29, 2019

Wednesday, at 17.00, at the Auditorium of The Friends of the gallery of the Teatro alla Scala (Via S. Pellico 6, MM1 Duomo, Milan), will be held the traditional Day of Dante, with the presentation of programming related to '2019/20 year.
The series of social-cultural-musical events will be presented by the President of the Società Dante Alighieri Committee in Milan, Maestro Adriano Bassi. 

The Milan Committee has wanted to collaborate with major historical institutions of the city with the intention of creating a synergy of common interest necessary to revive the cultural and social values that are the foundation of the Association.

There will be many personalities representing major institutions:
From the Ambrosianeum Foundation, the President, Dr. Marco Garzonio and events manager, Dr. Giacomo Perego; from The Friends of the Gallery of the Teatro alla Scala, the President, Dr. Gino Vezzini; from the Roman Lalla Studies Center, the President, Dr. Antonio Ria; from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Prof. Jeremiah Renzi; from Casa Manzoni, Dr. Giuliana Nuvoli; from, Director, Dr. Massimo Privitera.

The event will also include three musical perfomances:
The piano duo Nicole and Angela Feola, Maestro Andrea Perugini at the piano, soprano Tatiana Chivarova, accompanied on piano by Maestro Marzio Fullin.

On this occasion, the "Lifetime Achievement Award", created and produced by the Committee of Milan, in collaboration with the headquarters of the Dante Alighieri Society and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, will be awarded to an important personality. At the end of the day there will be a tasting of Odilla chocolates.  (La Redazione di ItalPlanet)

How Much Do You Know About Leonardo Da Vinci?   (from Playbuzz.quiz, Created by Carly Wallace)

Leonardo Da VInci's "lost" painting, "Salvator Mundi" just sold for a record breaking 450 million dollars! How much do you really know about the infamous renaissance man? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Where was Leonardo Da Vinci born?
    A. Florence, Italy                     B.  Rome, Italy                              C.  Anchiano, Italy
  1. Which one of Leonardo Da Vinci's works of art did he not finish?
    A. John the Baptist           B.  The Adoration of the Magi       C.  Vitruvian Man
  1. Which artist was NOT of the Renaissance?
    A. Michelangelo                        El Greco                                   C.  Rembrandt 
  1. What is the alternate title of the Mona Lisa?A. Lady Da Vinci                    B. La Gioconda                              C.  Woman at Peace
  1. Which work of art did Leonardo Da Vinci NOT create?
    A. The Last Supper                 B. Virgin of the Rocks                    C. The Last Judgement
  1. Leonardo Da Vinci worked as an apprentice to what Italian artist?
    A. Michelangelo                     B. Verrocchio                                  C. Sandro Botticelli
  1. Leonardo experimented with which new material when creating "The Last Supper?"
    A. Wet plaster                         B. Dry plaster                                   C. Oil paint
  1. Which field was Leonardo NOT skilled in?
    A. Math                                    B. Botany                                         C. Law Enforcement
  1. What was Leonardo Da Vinci's first painting?
    A. John the Baptist                 B. Mona Lisa                                    C. No one knows for sure

Answers to the Leonardo Da Vinci Quiz:

  1. C   B     3. C     4. B     5.C     6. B     7. B     8. C.     9. C

2019 Calendar

Cultural Meetings

June 14                                   


June 14 - Night at the movies

June 15 – Cooking class

July 27 – Da Vinci exhibit



Language – Summer begins June 17

NOTE: Cultural meetings, movies, and cooking classes take place at Mt. Carmel Church Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo St., Denver.

Language classes are taught at Mt. Carmel Church Office.

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Dante Academic Scholarship winners
2019 Academic with John Giardino and John Sadler
2019 Dante Denver Scholarship winners
2019 Music winners with Rosanna Patrona-Aurand