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December 2018 Notiziario


On Friday, November 9, our President Veronica Goodrich presided over the election of the officers who will guide our Society for the next two years.  It was brief but important and we are proud to announce that the following officers were elected unanimously:  President John Giardino, Vice President Nick Napoli, Treasurer Carol Marsala, and Secretary Vera Buffaloe.  We wish the new officers a very productive term.


Unlike past years, the event will take place Friday evening, January 11 at Mount Carmel Parish, 3549 Navajo Street, Denver.  The Society is planning on serving food and drinks.  More details will be in the January Notiziario.  Please plan to attend and support the new elected officers.  Grazie.


The annual event will be on Saturday, December 8 at 1:00 p.m. and will be held at the NorthPark East Association Clubhouse, 9996 Grove Street, Westminster.  As usual, the Society will be providing wine, coffee and sodas along with cups, plates and plastic ware.  Members whose last name begins with A through N are asked to bring heavy hors d'oevres, and members with last names beginning with the initial O through Z are asked to bring a dessert.  For additional information and RSVP please contact Vera Buffaloe at 303-886-0608,  buffaloev@gmail.com.

We are asking that you bring a white elephant gift for the member exchange; no need to go shopping, just look around your house for something you wondered why you bought in the first place.

Street Directions to NorthPark East Association Clubhouse:  The best and easy way is to go North on Federal Blvd. to the street light of Northpark Ave. (100th), (if you pass 104th Ave., you went too far) turn left (West) at Northpark Ave., go one block and turn left at 99th Ave., turn left again at Grove St., go 2-1/2 blocks.  The clubhouse will be on your right side.

If you would rather use Map Quest or Google Map, use/enter 9897 Grove Street.

buone feste


The Dante Alighieri Society will offer a 10-week winter session of Italian language classes, beginning January 7, 2019.  The schedule for winter classes will be posted on the Dante Alighieri website by December 1, and is listed below.  Students must register and pay for classes through the website.  The classes are taught by experienced and talented bi-lingual teachers.  Each class meets for 90 minutes, once a week, at 3549 Navajo Street, Denver, in the parish offices of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.

Cost is $100 for members and $130 for non-members.  New members are welcome to join the Dante Alighieri Society when they register for classes.  For more information, please contact the Education Chair Suzanne Fasing at suzannefasing@yahoo.com  or call 303-810-9042.  

To register and pay for classes, visit the web site:  http://dantealighieriofdenver.com/classes/language-classes




With the end of the year fast approaching, I want to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all who have so generously contributed their time, talent and treasure to support the Dante Alighieri Scholarship Program.  As Scholarship Committee Chair for the past ten years, I have been continually amazed by your generosity in supporting students who are pursuing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Italian culture.

Now that I have been elected to be president of the Dante Society, I will be turning over my chairman position to Dr. John Sadler, a long-time member of the Scholarship Committee and a generous donor to the program.  Having been involved with the scholarship program for so long, I plan to remain on the Committee to share my experience with the other members. But more importantly, to continue to be a part of the process in rewarding deserving students of Italian history, art, culture and music.

And finally, I make my last appeal as Scholarship Committee Chair, to ask that you make a year-end contribution to the Scholarship Program.  Again, my heartfelt thanks for all your support.   John Giardino



It’s that time of year again.  Membership renewal cards will be going out at the end of the month.  I hope you will join us for another year of interesting lectures, movies and fun.

Please review the information on the card and make any corrections before mailing it back to me with your payment.


If you plan to continue taking language classes in 2019, it will be necessary for you to renew your membership regardless of when you joined the DAS.

Please pay for your class and membership at the same time.  If I receive payment prior to mailing the renewal cards, I will not send a card to you.  Instead I will check your current information from your registration and fill the card out for you.   Grazie, Rhonda.



Fundraiser cardNext time you head out to King Soopers, be sure to take a Dante Society King Soopers gift card with you. King Soopers offers organizations a simple way to raise money by returning 5% of grocery sales made on the card to the organization. The cards initially cost $25 but can be reloaded for any amount at checkout.

Every time you reload your card, King Soopers/Kroger adds the amount to Dante’s Reward account.  When the account balance in any given month reaches $5,000, Dante gets a check for 5% of the total.  If we don't hit $5,000 in that month, the balance rolls forward to the next month. The card can be used for purchases at King Soopers/Kroger Stores including gas.  (You cannot use the card for services such as Western Union, lottery tickets, stamps, money orders, ticket master or any other gift cards).

By continuing to use the cards for purchases, Dante members will provide an on-going source of income for scholarships. If you give gift cards to friends, family or charitable organizations, consider giving a Dante Society King Soopers gift card. The Dante Society cards cannot be purchased at King Soopers. The Dante Society cards must be purchased through Dante by calling Veronica Goodrich at 303-421-1547


Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning less than before, say experts.

It is half a degree straighter after restorative work, and its stability is better than feared. Stabilization work means the Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning slightly less than it used to, experts have said.

The tower, which has leaned to one side ever since it began to take shape in 1173, has lost 4cm of its tilt over the past two decades, according to a report from the surveillance group that meets every three months to give updates on the monument’s condition.

“Since restorative work began, the tower is leaning about half a degree less,” said Nunziante Squeglia, a geotechnics professor at the University of Pisa who works with the group. “But what counts is the stability of the tower, which is better than initially predicted.”

The structure, which was badly damaged during the second world war, was closed to the public in 1990 over safety fears and did not reopen for 11 years.

The surveillance group was set up in 2001 ago after Michele Jamiolkowski, an engineer of Polish origin, coordinated an international committee to save the landmark.

The bell tower, a symbol of the power of the maritime republic of Pisa in the Middle Ages, was defective from the beginning due to the porous clay soil beneath its foundations. After three floors were completed, construction stopped and did not resume until 90 years later when

Tower of Pisa

workers started building additional floors on a diagonal to offset the lean. But work was again disrupted before finally being completed in 1372.

The tower, located behind Pisa’s cathedral, attracts more than 5 million visitors a year. Reaching the top requires climbing 269 steps.

The surveillance group’s work, which is funded by the non-profit Opera della Primaziale Pisana, includes improving the quality of the structure’s conservation and promoting research.     (The Guardian)


NOTIZIE DALL’ITALIA    La Dolce Vitti apre a Los Angeles per Cinema Italian Style.

‘La Dolce Vitti’, la mostra multimediale che presenta un ritratto di una delle attrici più amate del cinema italiano, ha aperto i battenti a Los Angeles in concomitanza con il festival Cinema Italian Style. Ospitata dall’Istituto italiano di cultura e con il patrocinio del Consolato, la mostra è ideata dall’Istituto Luce Cinecittà in collaborazione con il Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, Rai teche e l’Archivio Enrico Appetito.

Fino al 15 febbraio i visitatori potranno seguire un percorso espositivo che si snoda attraverso i 40 anni della carriera di un ‘attrice che è riuscita con le sue interpretazioni a riunire le due anime del cinema italiano, quella d’autore e quella della commedia. Non ci sono solo le 30 magnifiche foto, anche rare, che la ritraggono in scena e fuori, ma anche l’accompagnamento di quella sua voce roca diventata uno dei suoi tratti più riconoscibili e cari al pubblico. Grazie ad uno schermo touch si accede ad una serie di preziosi filmati, tra cui un’intervista ‘a tu per tu’ con la videocamera, di Donatella Baglivo, in cui è la stessa Vitti a raccontare svolte e momenti della sua vita artistica.

La sua presenza in teatro, cinema e tv è racchiusa dai curatori Nevio De Pascalis, Marco Dionisi e Stefano Stefanutto Rosa, in tre grandi filoni: il teatro, Antonioni e la commedia. Dai primi anni alla Accademia Silvio d’Amico si passa al sodalizio personale e artistico con Michelangelo Anonioni che nei primi anni ’60 ne fa l’incarnazione della sua arte ne ‘L’Avventura, La Notte, L’Eclisse, Deserto rosso. Poi i film brillanti con le tante testimonianze di chi ha lavorato con lei da Alberto Sordi a Ettore Scola, da Dino Risi e Steno, da Dacia Maraini a Michele Placido, da Giancarlo Giannini a Enrico Vanzina.  (ItalPlanet News)


Cultural Meetings

Feb 8


Christmas Party – Dec. 8

Installation of Officers – Jan. 11


WINTER 2019 Language Class Registration ends Jan 2, 2019
Classes Begin Jan. 7, 2019

NOTE: Cultural meetings, movies, and cooking classes take place at Mt. Carmel Church Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo St., Denver.

Language classes are taught at Mt. Carmel Church Office.

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