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Notiziario December 2018

December 2018 Notiziario ELECTION OF OFFICERS On Friday, November 9, our President Veronica Goodrich presided over the election of the officers who will guide our Society for the next two years.  It was brief but important and we are proud to announce that the following officers were elected unanimously:  President John Giardino, Vice President Nick…

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Nov 2018 Notiziario

NOVEMBER CULTURAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS Currently the Nominating Committee has the following nominees:  John Giardino, president; Nick Napoli, vice president; Vera Buffaloe, secretary;  Carol Marsala, treasurer.  The nomination for new officers is still open, and according to Robert’s Rules of Order, nominations can also be accepted the night of the election. The Committee…

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Websites listing

WEBSITES TO VISIT FOR MORE ABOUT ITALIAN CULTURE Societa’ Centrale Dante Alighieri – Societa’ Dante Alighieri di Roma– Dante Alighieri Society of Denver, Colorado – Dante Alighieri Society of Pueblo: DAS of Denver in Facebook – News from Italy – Italian art – Italy news in English –…

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